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Surgical procedures

Arthroscopy of the knee - Tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus

  Arthroscopy is the most modern orthopedic surgery technique performed by specially trained surgeons.

The advantages of arthroscopic surgery over conventional open surgical techniques are that it is bloodless , painless and guarantees faster functional recovery of the patient. Nowadays it is used in more and more diseases of the knee, shoulder and hip and with the use of constantly evolving techniques and tools of suturing and fixing, the results are impressive.

D.A.A. on the Rt Hip

Reconstructive surgery of the large joints aimed at relieving pain and returning the patient to his daily activities. Now with the Direct Anterior Approach in total hip arthroplasty and the Mini Subvastus Approach in total knee arthroplasty , the patient achieves rapid recovery, getting up and walking a few hours after surgery and returning home after 24 to 48 hours.

Subtrochanteric Fracture of DE femur


Immediate and effective treatment of all fractures based on the principles and guidelines of the AO.

Restoration of all ligament and tendon injuries with the latest techniques.



... To transmit the rules of ethics, oral teaching and all other medical knowledge to my sons, to my teacher's sons and to the enrolled students who took the medical oath, but to no one else. I will use therapy to help patients in my strength and judgment, but never to hurt or wrong. I will not give deadly medicine to anyone who asks me for it, nor will I make such a suggestion. Likewise, I will not trust a pregnant woman who causes an abortion. I will keep my life and my art pure and undefiled. I will not use a scalpel even for those who suffer from lithiasis, but I will give this work to the art experts ...

Excerpt from the Oath of Hippocrates in Modern Greek

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